Movement Experimentation

Shared research laboratory workshop. Here and now, with what there is, with what we are. Through playful and exploratory proposals, we will practice ways to refocus attention to release the…

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In a world where human cruelty exceeds its own limits, those who live happily are only ignorant, oblivious to everything that happens around them. A creature, victim of its own…

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GIRO Sufi Dance

SufiDance Workshop as Active Meditation. Stretching, meditation, posture placement, technique, contemporary dance, Sufi twist dance. The Sufi dance is a ritual, which leads to your mind being completely empty, oriented…

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The human journey

A journey of the human through anatomical, energetic and spiritual evolution of the being. We will use bioenergetics as a tool for movement and deep and conscious breathing to recognize…

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Dr. Orange Psy

PayasOscuro - DarKlown wants to be a dj... Musical psychotic walk through the clown's mind. Rare music from the world and other things that should not be mixed.

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Shamanic Breathing

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Shamanic breathing workshop to achieve your purpose. Elaborate the purpose well so that it becomes heard by the universe. We will ritualize with different shamanic breaths with which we can…

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Air ring Workshop

Aerial ring workshop where we explore the proprioception transferred to the aerial element, also we will explore with the interaction in the element with the other companions learning to listen…

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The Alchemy Of Psychedelic Integration

Trance festivals are known to be transformational spaces, but many people find that they keep on going on psychedelic experiences without getting the transformation they are looking for. In this…

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Sensory examinations

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Sensory Explorations, is a space of personal and group experimentation through the senses, a trip where we propose, through dynamics of sensory awareness and other explorations from the inhibition of…

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