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Kupuri Music - MEX

TSP (Tepezcohuite Sound Project)

Tepezcohuite: (Mimosa Tenuiflora) is a shrubby species localized abundantly in Mexico; it is widely used in traditional medicine. It contains high doses of N, N-dimethyltryptamine or DMT, similar to that found in the ayahuasca at the Amazon.

When TOR.MA IN DUB and ISHDUB decided to get together to work on a this project , they wanted to do something different as what they used to do in their personal careers, a progressive music project with some fat hypnotic bass, twisted melodic lines, weird sounds, and lots feeling  to express their stomping needs and put the audience into a state of trance.

TSP has been played at festivals like Vibronica Fest (Ukraine) Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala) Ometeotl (Mexico) Ritual (Mexico) Promised Land (Mexico) and the list goes on…

After some releases at different compilations on top notch labels, they just finished their debut album, soon to be released on Eat Static`s label, Mesmobeat.

Style: psychedelic progressive tech trance