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Techgnosis - MEX

Medular is a modular/analogue based psytech live act based in Mexico City that uses continuous exploration around the blending of live and acoustic instruments with dance floor oriented solid funky beats, which has emerged from the union of Pablo Peniche (aka Xom Pax) and Brun González (aka Brun Balanced), releasing music with Anarkick Records(Holland ), Blind Arc(Portugal), Techgnosis Records(Canada), Undergroove Music(Mexico),Traum Schallplatten(Germany) and Digital Diamonds (Germany).

It drives from experimenting with live synths and hypnotic jam sessions that coalesce into beautifully evolving tracks and elegant acid beats.

This aesthetic comes from trying to bring the psychedelic glitch Spirit into minimal techno in a freer and experimental way that is alive and breaths from the interaction of the digital and analogue entities.