PASAJE UINIVERSO | Own Spirit Festival



ElectroOrganic Groove - ARG

The Argentines Gustavo Filograsso and Pablo Rozas have been playing together since 2008. They began doing Latin American and Argentine folk, but ever since they started, the sound experimentation and fusion of styles have defined their identity. Throughout their many albums and tours around Argentine Patagonia, their music evolved with characteristics of improvisation and experimentation.

In 2011 the project reached its current format, achieving a completely original sound, dubbed by themselves as ElectroOrgánic Groove. Integrating their musical instruments from different cultures and electronic tools such as loop-stations and synthesizers, came the sound of electronic music (chill-out, experimental, electro-minimal), thus giving birth to a merge between the spirit of the andean and amazonian, ceremonial, medicinal ancestral music and the electronic music´s groove.

Since then each presentation was increasingly looking like a ceremonial experience than a "show" or "concert", always keeping improvisation as the axis. So they traveled to different places around the world, participating in numerous festivals of electronic, healing and world music.

Pasaje Universo, currently based in Bahia (Brazil), is integrating a new member, Andi.Andean from Chile, in charge of digital sounds and percussion, firming up all its creative and expressive energy; appearing in the Brazilian music scene and touring around South América and Europe.

The ElectroOrgánic music is celebration, healing, holy medicine. Meeting together for the sacred rhythm throb. Earth. A ceremony to feel the energy of the body in movement. Fire. The Passage through which we canalize the music as an element of strength. Each sound is like a presence and evidence of life. Each silence is as an interpellation. Circular natural energy. Water. Childish innocence and strength. Freedom. Air. An ancestral collective catharsis. Ritual of mirrors. Passage Universs.