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Samaa Records - ESP

Atbloom is the Psychedelic Trance project of the Barcelona based artist Raúl Mezcolanza, a well-established Techno artist/DJ with deep roots in the electronic music.Being inspired by many other talented producers in the Psytrance scene, Atbloom defines his style as ‘night time/forest sound’ varying between 148-152 BPM. Along with his Atbloom project, Raúl has teamed up with Juan aka (Clean Trip) to create the project (Attrip) and together they started their label (Mind Frequency Records).

After having released his first solo EP on his label in 2017, Atbloom comes back with his second EP releasing it on Samaa Records. 
This EP aims to craft a paradox in sound, with groovy high tempo melodies and rumbling bass lines, that will move your mind and body during the twilight hours.