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Johny Pablo



Padang Records / Universal Tribe Records - ISR

Johny Pablo is A Deep Psychedelics project from Israel. Jonatan has been exploring the realms of psychedelics and collecting music with great passion from a very young age. In 2008 he began organizing small underground events, as well as DJ’ing at parties and festivals on the side. In 2014 he ​decided to take things to the next level, produc​ing​ his own beats​ which​ focused on the deeper side of electronics with a lot of influences from Nature, Space, Inner experiences and Trips around the world. He is always in the lab - researching and crafting twisted sound designs, crunchy synthesis, rolling basslines, and foresty atmospheres.

Memorable Gigs:
Mo:Dem Festival (Croatia), Own Spirit Festival (Spain), Lost Theory Festival (Croatia), Ufo Bufo Festival (Czech), Human Evolution Festival (Italy), Tree Of Life (Greece), Doof Festival (Israel), Wormhole (USA),