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TiLT Wao Festival 2018 by TILT-3



Free Spirit Records, Hadra Records - FRA

Bathed in electro and techno music since the early 90s, Cyrille became soon an emissary starting his first DJ Set Chekk List, mainly focused ont Acid, House and New Beat tunes. 
2000 marked a change of direction in Cyrille's musical affinities, Chekk List died and Sangohan, a new full­on psytrance DJ Set arose ! In 2003, Sangohan joined the english label Free Spirit Rec. and about in the same time its french counterpart Avigmatic Rec.
Cyrille finally entered Hadra Records in 2009 to keep promoting at best his projet and the psy movement in France and abroad. He started developing from 2010 a new DJ Set project oriented towards progressive trance called Tilt and released 3 years later on Hadra Records Progressive equation I and Progressive equation Reload