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Soundlab Pirates - AUT

Sabsunshine was inspired by a music freak she grew up with. So she developed love for music of all genres, visited concerts and various festivals all over the world. Singing in a gospel choir and different bands in addition to working with a Hip-hop-Crew in a studio are just some reasons why her music is influenced by different styles.
In 1995 she made her first contact with electronic music. From that day on she developed an addiction to that kind of music experience combined with nature (Acid Techno, Drum´n´Bass, Dub, Techno...). Around 2000 she started to fall in love with the psytrance scene.
Between 2001 and 2006 she travelled all over Europe, to India, Morocco and Brazil. On her way she visited a lot of national parties (Spiritbase, Paradise, Dimension...) & international festivals such as BoomFestival (Portugal), FullmoonFestival,Voov & AntarisProject (Germany), OzoraFestival (Hungary), Transylvania Calling (Romania), SummerNeverEnds (Switzerland), Rhythyms of Peace (Marokko), Universo Parallelo (Brasil)….
2007 at the age of 30 she was invited to play her first set at a friend´s Birthday Party ( Over the next years she improved her skills by practicing every spare minute leading to the possibility to play at a lot of parties in Austria and was booked for some international gigs.
Summer 2011 she joined the label „Soundlab Pirates“.