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Diego Coelho A.K.A. DJ Digoa Originating from Brazil he found his roots and his mixing fingers over 11 years ago playing in his own parties, before making the move to London in 2003. His move to London involved a closer study of music and a refinement of his djing techniques,This was to ignite his musical career, leading to performances at various parties, clubs and festivals in, Austria, Australia, Italy, Poland, Peru, Hungary, Ibiza, Brazil, India (Goa) Portugal, Marocco, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, Germany and Wales. 
Making regular weekly appearances at many London clubs he has established himself as a class act in UK. From2005 till 2010 Digoa have played for Alchemy records a South African label and in 2010 signed with Neurobiotic Records, Italian Label both based in London. Digoa these days join the Friends label Zero 1 Music stablished in Los Angeles along with GMS , Earthling, K.I.M ,Chromatone, Soundaholix , Everblast, Waio ,Brian Sentient , Tron , Wrecked Machine , Virtual Light and more

December 2005 Digoa created Digital Hive, a party crew where since then had organised many events like parties in clubs, outdoors, warehouses, squats and a mini festival called " New found land" in Wales. With few unforgettable parties Digital Hive quickly became well known all over uk.

Digoa has released a compilation in November of 2011 at Neurobiotic Records called Digital Hive. 
his second compilation is on process to come out march of 2018 called Dj Digoa and Friends on Zero 1 Music .