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Gaby ~ SelinaNara discovered her gifts in early childhood. She was receiving messages from different realms/worlds/dimensions. Over the years, she channeled those messages in forms of words, symbols visions, through her voice, Soul paintings & dreams. Over 40 years after her spiritual call & experiences, she is able to offer any kind of insight to bring clarity, transformation and understanding. Her gifts reach through Time & Space, which allows her to offer far-distance healing of any topic or level (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). She offers healing with her voice as channeled frequencies or inner guided journeys to find the core of the imbalance. She also offers worldwide transforming meditations and web seminars for group coaching.

Her offer includes Soul-painting, where she connects with the soul of the person and in her channeled state manifest a painting with high energetic information which supports & opens the full potential of the soul. It´s possible to create it for a specific area, such as Harmonic Relationships, Balanced Money, Strength, etc. Gaby is offering an energetically safe space where realization, rebirth & growth can happen in a peaceful kind of way. Be welcome for a deep guidance & Life coaching with many gifts to enjoy your Journey of life in a smoother way.

Love & Joy

Gaby - SelinaNara