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Usui REIKI Ryouhou

Usui REIKI Ryouhou

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" Therapy Energy. Medicine, to love Life, Ourselves & Others." MIWA OHISHI


MIWA will be offering individual "Usui REIKI Ryouhou" Therapy. REIKI is best described as Universal Force. REIKI Frequency is very similar to Frequency of Unconditional Love, which puts you in total relaxation . REIKI as Unconditional Love means that REIKI Energy is Indiscriminately Energy. Therefore, REIKI goes to all cause of pain, stress and suffering without guidance. Like Nature, REIKI only rejuvenate and heal the receiver.

Side effect of REIKI is not known.
(Duration of time for treatment is Applox.)
Full Treatment (90min)

Foot Treatment (45min) Western Foot Reflexology points with REIKI

7 Chakra Balancing Treatment (45min)

Internal Abdominal Organ Massage with REIKI (45min) Chi Nei Thang (Chinese Taoist Medicine) Inspired massage points, applied with REIKI and gentle pressure of fingers


Try to come to the session 10 minutes before the start, come with an open mind and an open heart, well hydrated and with predisposition. Sessions can be variable depending on the needs of each person, your session or the previous one can be extended.

The payments of the therapies will be made in the Infopoint of the Holistic Zone during the festival.

Duration of the Session: 45 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Price: €30 / €60