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Muriel is a healer, holistic therapist, Reiki practicioner, naturopath of 43 years old born in France. She has dedicated her life to natural ways of healing for herself and others. She graduated in 2006 in London Uk as Holistic Therapist specialised and became Naturopath in 2010 in Barcelona in Spain. Since then she started to study energy healing such as Reiki.
She is currently living in the peruvian jungle of the Amazon where she keeps learning and working with shamans of indigenous tribes making plant based remedies following ancestral tradition and facilitating retreats and ceremonies. She continues her spiritual and healing journey through jungle medicines such as Master Plants, CACAO and KAMBO the frog medicine. Meanwhile she kept practicing USUI and KARUNA REIKI which has given her more tools to add into her qualities of healer.
In Europe for a short period of time she will share the wisdom of those medicines with the unique purpose of guiding people with Love through their transformation in their healing journey and to contribute to a better world.


Reiki is a sanskrit word meaning Life Energy or vital/universal energy. It is a spiritual practice, a channeling and transmission technique of vital and universal energy applied through hands. It brings a large feeling of peace and harmony, self love, security, self esteem and relief of illnesses and diseases or discomforts.. Reiki works deeply from the roots of physical and/or emotional ailments allowing these emotions and the pattern that has created the imbalance to manifest in order to be healed. Reiki therapy can be received by all human beings from babies to senior and also animals and plants.
REIKI IS LIKE A HUG FOR YOUR SOUL! It helps with meditate states, adapts to the need of each person, promotes personal awareness, enhances spiritual connection, fosters natural self healing, relaxes and reduces stress, balances energies in the body and relieves pain and discomfort.


Although we know that Body, Mind and Spirit are intimately connected, western medicine focuses almost entirely on the physical realm of the body to heal ailments. Shamanic Cleansing in the other hand is a holistic practice where we delve into the invisible realm of Mind and Spirit in order to correct imbalances and clear negative energies. These foreign energies could cause blockages and imbalances leading to physical pain and illnesses, emotional imbalances and lack of mental clarity. Usually those energies enter our body due to a form of negative thoughts. How do i know if i need shamanic cleansing? These are some symptoms that could indicate us we need this practice : feeling of internal weakness, illness/disease, having sadness or sorrow feelings, fears, exhaustion, lack or loss of creativity. The energies would be extracted and sent to Mother Earth in order to be neutralized and recycled.


Try to come to the session 10 minutes before the start, come with an open mind and an open heart, well hydrated and with predisposition. Sessions can be variable depending on the needs of each person, your session or the previous one can be extended.

The payments of the therapies will be made in the Infopoint of the Holistic Zone during the festival.

Duration of the Session: 45 minutes / 60 minutes

Price: €20 / €30