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Thai massage sessions

Thai massage sessions

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Eva Yogart


Thai massage opens the body and makes it flexible, with vitality and joy. The unblocking of energy points and lines is worked through pressure, releasing the joints, and smoothing the muscles of the body.


Thai massage uses gravity and listening to relax and release tension using smooth and rhythmic movements.


A practice that brings healing, relaxation and liberation developing caring love and the ability to give and receive.


Try to come to the session 10 minutes before the start, come with an open mind and an open heart, well hydrated and with predisposition. Sessions can be variable depending on the needs of each person, your session or the previous one can be extended.

The payments of the therapies will be made in the Infopoint of the Holistic Zone during the festival.

Duration of the Session: 30 minutes / 60 minutes

Price: €20 / €40