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The Secret Mind: how your unconscious shapes your Life


«The Secret Mind: How your unconscious creates your Life» Freeing your mind & uplifting your Vital Frequency in the New Global Paradigm. A blend of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Neuroscience.

According to Cognitive Neuroscience we are only conscious of 5% of our cognitive activity, so most of our decisions, emotions, actions and behaviors depend on the 95% of our brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness.

To understand how we perform in life, what we "attract" and the results we have, it is vital to know those subconscious beliefs that are "running the show" (our Life) in a subconscious level.

In this interactive lecture, we will see simple tests to discover our subconscious beliefs, which ones are limiting us, and which ones, empowering us.

A key factor in changing subconscious beliefs is achieving the wholebrain state. This wholebrain state heightens our Spiritual Awareness, dramatically enhances creativity, super learning as well as problem solving and emotional wellbeing.