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Shakti Dance


Shakti is a Sanskrit word that means "energy" "shak" and is the manifestation of potential, the ability to act and to do, Shakti is like the divine power, the great mother, the primary vibration of all life and nature, his energy is feminine, Shakti is your power, your strength and your vitality, she is the force that animates, the strength of your muscles, the fire for your digestion, the movement of your thoughts and the beating of your heart.

Shakti Dance is "The Yoga of Dance" a new discipline developed by Sara Avtar Olivier, who embraces the principles of Kundalini Yoga and this practice works developing the flow of prana through harmonic movement to stimulate the expression of the inner guru, the universal creative spirit "Shakti". A dynamic practice that focuses on relaxing the spine, the pelvis and connecting with the breath and thus enter the flow of the pranic and free movement. The purpose is to open, clean and expand the energy of the body (pránic body) in order to activate the Shakti energy and gently rebalance the vital subtle channels of the body, the nadis and meridians and the 8 main energy centers known as chakras, in order to express ourselves free and recognize our divine creative potential.
Shakti Dance reduces stress and tension, relaxes and releases physical, mental and subtle blockages while stimulating and releasing the vital force of the soul (the Prana).

In this workshop, we will make an awesome journey through all the chakras and their corresponding elements and we will cleanse the pranic body so that the body as an instrument can express itself freely and flow with all its grace. The workshop opens by tuning in and connecting with the source of the vibration to center the mind and be present, then we will do a deep dynamic and meditative stretch to flex and coordinate with the breath to receive the creative impulse, to later, enter the dance free letting the soul express itself organically. We will end the workshop with a relaxation with aromas, a celestial communication to clean the electromagnetic field, singing a mantra to say goodbye and give thanks to the practice, and at the end of everything, you can choose an OSHO ZEN Tarot card (optional) to take home a piece of advice or guidance.