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Eva Yogart

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Healing, liberation and complete and deep well-being from the connection generated by conscious touch.
For Kashmiri teachers a person recovers unity when they are touched deeply, without wanting anything, when the contact ceases to be a sexual strategy. Each time someone caresses us, or caresses another person, an emotional exchange takes place, which deeply nourishes the heart. Love transmits the maximum frequency of energy, and when it is in the deepest part of the heart, it triggers a strong healing response.
We propose a journey through touch to familiarize and connect with your listening and sensitivity. We will start preparing our body and mind to introduce ourselves in the world of massage; in the art of giving and receiving. We will develop and explore from smooth and simple manipulations, playing with the different pressures, rhythms and stretches that will release joints, soften muscles, and completely relax the nervous system.