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Being Fullness

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Riding The Dragon- Psychedelic Crisis as a Healing Opportunity


In this workshop Boaz will share both his practical knowledge that he has acquired from assisting hundreds of psychedelic crisis and his scholarly knowledge and thoughts on the subject. Almost every psychonaut will find herself at one moment of her psychonautic life in an unintended psychedelic crisis. Though these situations tend to arise anxiety in most of us they can actually act as very healing, meaningful and precious moments. During the workshop we will dive deep into both modern and ancient views of how to deal with these extreme altered states in order to use them as an opportunity for healing. We will explore the use of such techniques as mindfulness, meaning making, voice and body work as well as modern therapeutic approaches. These tools may assist us not only in navigating our own psychedelic hardships but will also serve us as tools to help our psychedelic brothers and sisters that find themselves in a psychedelic crisis.