Migongo | Own Spirit Festival



Activities and workshops

Dreamcatcher workshop, Huichol eyes mandala workshop, organic loom workshop


The three are workshops with objects from a long time ago, ancestral objects with a meaning beyond their beauty.
Dreamcatcher workshop. A net that catches the nightmares according to tradition, the dream catchers help to keep good ideas and pleasant dreams with us, as well as to protect whoever owns it. The time of dreams is influenced by good and bad energies; the latter are trapped by the mesh and dissipate through the central hole with the first rays of sunlight.
Eyes of God Workshop (Huichol Tradition). The Eyes of God are symbols of power and protection. They serve to see and understand the unknown. In its ceremonial sense, the Eye of God is an offering that is made to the gods to ask for the good growth of children.
Organic Loom workshop. The basis of the fabrics and clothes that we wear have started with the loom. Understanding the origin makes us more aware of our evolution.