Own Spirit Festival has the mission to offer a space for transformation, providing the necessary conditions to reach a liminal state characteristic of every rite of passage, which favors through collective expression where the whole community is in the same frequency, transcending the established social structure in order to experience who we really are, feeling part of a whole with nature and the universe.

Own Spirit Festival is a space that promotes freedom, self-expression, trust, connection with nature, non-judgment and mutual care, through which we seek openness to the new, to generate the energy necessary to achieve a deep change in the individual through the collective, and consequently, causing a frequency rise catalyzing a change at a global level.

For Own Spirit Festival, sustainability is the basis that allows us to achieve a respectful and effective change with everything that surrounds us. Therefore, care for nature and people is the basis from which the whole event is created: efficient use of resources, proper waste management, creation of green areas and awareness. Putting at the centre of everything, the individual and collective development of people, as responsible agents of change towards a sustainable world.

Therefore, from Own Spirit Festival we offer to our community some tools that will allow us to explore our potential for change and self-realization, from the most spiritual part of our being:

– music to connect and transcend

– dance and art as an expression of the being

– therapies, conferences and workshops for self-knowledge

– family activities for conscious parenting

– contact with nature as an expression of unity

– sustainability to take care of the community

– ceremonies for spiritual connection

– education to expand our mission

Participating in a self-growth workshop, swimming in the waters of the reservoir, dancing to the catharsis in the Dancefloor, watching the sunset from the Temple of Frequencies, taking care of the planet by making a responsible use of waste, playing as a family, connecting with our inner child by doing a hula hoop workshop, or being surprised by the shows and performances, accompanied by our tribe, or in a moment of reconnection to the inside of oneself, are part of this evolutionary experience towards a more conscious self and us.

Own Spirit Festival draws on psychedelic culture to offer us six days of art, music, nature and spirituality. It allows us to live an experience of connection, enjoyment and elevation of awareness, where through the union in time and space of all the participants, an own spirit is created, unique and unrepeatable, that will accompany us during the whole event.

We are one spirit. We are Own Spirit.