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The Goddess Kali – Beginnings and Endings

A highly therapeutic workshop where we explore the organic movement from our base and roots. A dynamic and progressive yoga practice of smooth, sensual and deep movements, mindfulness meditation, wild dance and closing with a heavenly communication to raise the internal vibration and nurture self-love.

In the hips we accumulate a lot of vibration of different frequencies that influence our decisions, relationships, and our ability to activate our creativity. Through the connection with the body, movement and breathing we unblock tensions, emotions and enhance flexibility both in the hips and in our way of relating to life. We invoke the Goddess Kali, the goddess of the destruction of evil so that she nurtures us with her wisdom and helps us transcend our fears.

What will we do:

  • Talk about the Ego, its role in our lives and how to transcend it.
  • Progressive Yoga Flow (Shakti, Kundalini and Hatha) – Guided dance with soft and sensual movements focused especially on the hips.
  • Pelvic breathing to connect with the organs.
  • Wild Dance, I inspire you and you put your intention!
  • Cosmic Nidra, Deep relaxation with sacred aromas and sounds. Heavenly communication, unconditional love.

Varied music of different styles! Mantras, oriental, medicine music, psychedelic, drum and other sacred sounds.