Dr. Galia Tanay

In this workshop we will weave together movement, vocal work, meditation and discussions to explore experientially and theoretically altered states, these fascinating edges of consciousness and the skillful means of working with it.
Since the dawn of humanity, the practice of altered states had been an integral part of any path of development and freedom. These states can be revealed through various means such as meditation, dance, drumming, sex, or through the use of plants and mushrooms, fasting or renouncing into nature.
These states which take us beyond the cages of habitual patterns plays a crucial role in our development and are keys to liberation and freedom.

Altered states are a fundamental part of our human experience and can be practised and developed through traditional and contemporary techniques. Nevertheless, In our modern society these landscapes of our bodymind are denied and condemned and we are not encouraged to explore and expand into it. This approach create numerous difficulties when we are faced with these states. in this workshop we will learn a new language to talk about these states and practices that will make us more skillful when entering these states.

Galia Tanay is a practitioner and teacher on the path of freedom. She spent many years in deep traditional Buddhist practice. She is a Yoga teacher who teaches Yoga therapy and emphasise the embodiment in awareness practice. Galia has a Phd in Psychology and for many years had worked with patients as well as taught and trained therapists in university and other places. Galia is a psychedelic activist and scholar who gives lectures and workshops in various psychedelic conferences and festivals. she is a vocal artist, a musician and a writer who believe that freedom is a form of art and creativity is necessary in our coming home to our being.