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Crystal Healing

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1. Crystal Healing Basics – I begin with a lecture describing what are crystals and how they are different from other rock like materials, their use in science history and other fields, and continue on to explain healing, describing the eastern color and Chakra theories, detailing how to recognize issues and problems and their corresponding stones. The lecture ends with a small guided meditation practice to open and clear the chakras – using crystals I bring with me. During the workshop I project illustrations of the chakral body and pics of crystal specimens.
2. Community Building workshop – For over 12 years I have been a part of a wonderful community and I have some tools I can share about how to motivate people into being active in a community, how to empower people and to communicate better, in order to avoid stress and intrigues. How to make decisions which benefit everyone and not only the majority? In this workshop I will pass on tools for sharing info and transparency in a community: Heart Circle, Zag Forum and sociocracy are sharing and decision making tools that can help other communities evolve and avoid mistakes already made by others.
During the workshop I talk about my experience in being active in a communal farm for sustainable living and eco-queer environment, and I share my knowledge as for these tools. In the end we will practice a heart circle – a native American practice for sharing in a community.