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Sufi's Life is an Ambient /Dub Psy Chillout project created by Jovan Tot.
Jovan had an interest in electronic music since the early days, he began his career in 2000 as a techno D.J. but after a few years finds himself in psytrance and ambient music.10 years later with his best friend Ivan Jovicic create very successful psytrance project Middle Mode which is active today. During the work on Middle Mode Jovan met Slobodan Gaćeša Aka Vertex and a common passion for the slower bits are transformed into projects Merlin & Sufi's Life.1st Release happened in 2013 on Uxmal Rec, The project is created only with one purpose to rise up vibration of light and love,to bring joy and happines and to bring you in deeper inside jurney


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