When the Festival opens its gate, still there’s a lot to be done!
Those are the days when everything that has been planned for months is turning into reality, and a lot of energy is needed to load the big Festival machine and make the engine roll smooth and successfully !

We are looking for a team of smiley and caring volunteers to help us running this complex set of activities during the event days. All tasks are equally important and necessary to the overall realization of the Festival. According to your skills you can choose among different areas - welcome attendees at the entrance and guide them through the ticket procedures, giving useful information and helping with the Own Spirit shop,  join the kitchen team to provide food for staff and artists, keep the location clean and neat, supervising the camping and parking site, take care of toilets and showers, be part of our Psycare team to support visitors facing hard times.

If you want to give your contribution and see the backstage of the Festival while it’s taking place, click the button below and carefully fill in the form - we will get back to you explaining the conditions according to your choice.

Thank You and Good Luck!

Read the conditions of Volunteer.

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We want to make sure that you have a great time while working at the festival, and that we make full use of the skills you might have. So please, answer the following questions relating to your existing experience and your motivation.
We would like to know your preferences about volunteering at the festival. There are many activities you could help us performing before, during and after the festival. According to the amount of time you will be working, you can benefit of certain services at the festival. Read carefully the attached document to know about the conditions of volunteering at Own Spirit Festival.
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