Own Spirit Festival wants to create an unforgettable and conscious experience with you. Being aware is the key to respect oneself, the environment and others.



The place that welcomes us is a lacustrine environment, there is a swamp of transparent blue water surrounded by hills. So on these dates the weather will be very hot during the day and cooler at night. We advise you to wear light clothing, pareo, sunglasses, sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and some warm clothing at night. Take comfortable and appropriate shoes for the occasion. And of course, do not forget the swimsuit!



In the swamp it will be possible to bathe, always being aware and responsible when going to the water. Children can only bathe under the supervision of their parents or guardian.



Fire is prohibited inside the festival grounds so we ask you to respect the surroundings. It is an area of ​​special sensitivity and high risk of fire. If you smoke, please turn off the butt and put it in the trashcans/ashtrays that the festival will provide.



Children from 14 years old (inclusive) must pay entrance. All children under 18 will have to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian, who will have to consent and sign the document that will be provided at the entrance of the festival. Minors will have to be watched and cared for at all times.



It is totally forbidden to bring pets of all kinds to the festival site. The only exception is guide dogs for blind people.



The festival has a health care post to cover first aid or health-related problems. To guarantee the good course of the festival, we have a competent team that will ensure the safety of all festival participants.



Psycare is a safe space for people who are going through difficult psychological experiences that can occur during a transformative festival, such as Own Spirit Festival, offering them a quiet and safe place to go through, redirect and reintegrate those experiences. We offer this space because we believe that nobody should enter a journey of discovery and transformation without knowing that they have support if necessary. At Own Spirit Festival we understand that a safe environment is beneficial in any encounter where people immerse themselves in an exploration of consciousness and their own limits and consider that it is a shared community responsibility to take care of one another.



This year Own Spirit Festival will have a small supermarket/shop where fruits, vegetables, food in general, basic camping items and typical local products will be sold.

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