Triple Drop Productions - ITA

Naan is a young musician based in London.

He started making music as percussionist at the age of 13, studying many kinds of tribal and sacred rhythms from ancient parts of the world.

His perspective of reality changed when he discovered psychedelic gatherings, a way to expand collective consciousness through tribal rituals and re-generating music. So Naan started contributing to the scene with his mixes and with his own musical creations.

Today he performs around the world from chillout to psytrance, from autoproductions to live band exhibitions. His style mixes tribal rhythms and organic tunes, ethnic instruments and cutting edge synthesizers, to give enjoyment with love. He’s also part of Malatucada, a batucada street band, Pendola Ensemble, a percussion based street band and FlagFire, a juggling company where he is involved as musician/juggler. He plays around the world as hang and didjeridoo player as well.

Always active in mixing his abilities in different combinations, Naan performs various kinds of show, very effective also for opening or closing the dance floor:

CHill Out Dj: glad to play as much as possible Naan moves trough many chillout subgenres, spacing in a range from 65 to 140 bpm and always delivering on time mixes, he uses also his own tunes for over 10 hrs of music for all kind of situation, from sleepy atmospheres to moving uptempo beats. This makes him a reliable long endurance dj.


Back from a long and blissful journey, Naan melted his experiences with music, giving the listener the fruits and the flavours of his trip. Involving Tibetan bells Hangventure 2013 offers a magical journey through the frequencies sacred to Mother Earth: a liquid flow of music that moves freely through the soul and cleanses your heart for an always-new adventure where the musician is actually just listening.

Psy Trance Dj: on the way for his own live set, Naan is always ready to play forest, twilight, morning trance or progressive, choosing every track according to the feelings, the situation and the dancefloor, in a range of bpm from 150 to 130 for hours of psy-vibes and always in the mood for another one! The dish is enriched with his own productions, making every show original, always deeply psychedelic and filled with light inside, even in the darkest mix!



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