Own Spirit believes that if the music is not in harmony with the planet, is not in harmony with the human being, therefore, we open a new portal "The Temple Of Frequencies" place where we want to achieve this harmony to vibrate the same frequency as the universe.

In this space we want to accommodate all styles inside electronic music so each of you can find your place in this utopia. We will have great artists who thanks to their sets will transport us to new horizons with his experimental music, and even succeed we travel up to 60's-70's with a careful selection of psychedelic themes chosen especially for the event. Of course, could not miss our dear Chill Out for our bodies to take a break going through a premium Ambient and Downtempo with elegant melodies that undoubtedly will not leave you indifferent. We also offer the possibility to listen Psyprog, Psydub, Glitch hop and techno.

New winds expected to be breathed by all of you.

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