Mama Yurta


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Allow yourself to connect with the healing part offered by the festival, listen to the beat of the Mamyurta

The yurta is a sacred space for nomads, our Mamayurta is also a space of love, respect, is the place where you can get in touch more intimately with the different therapists invited, where you can receive care and advice personally. In addition, the yurta will host different ceremonies in small groups, in order to create bonds of trust with the sisters and brothers who accompany us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Activities only with prior reservation.
You will be informed soon about how you can book your spot.

Vibrating in the Heart (Cocoa Ceremony)

Teoxicalli Jicara Sagrada

Saturday 14 at 19:00
Sunday 15 at 19:00
The price of this activity is 15 €

Cocoa Teoxicalli

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Saturday 14 at 11:00
Sunday 15 at 11:00

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Sergio & Margarita

Friday the 13th at 20:00
Saturday 14 at 08:00
Sunday 15 at 20:00
Monday 16 at 08:00
The price of this activity is 10 €

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