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Own Spirit values the Healing Area, being an essential part of the festival, where we connect with our Inner Being with another look. The path of our Evolution is always ascending, like a spiral that rises infinitely to other more subtle levels. Living and enjoying new experiences in community, in tribe, in family, in complete harmony and surrounded by nature.

We are walking and moving forward together, in this edition we try to transmit as always, interest in knowledge, will for healing and motivation for practice, you can enjoy the relaxation area while conducting conferences, therapies, workshops and sound.

We are waiting for you happily and with an open heart "the real journey of discovery is not to look for new passages, but seeing them with new eyes"

ThaiYoga Massage

Eva Sion


Nowadays humans feel the need to run away from stressed life styles that seems taking over all aspects of life.

This kinds of festivals become extremely necessary. Here we get together to enjoy, dance and grow for the sake of fun.

Workshop: Seeds of life, with live music



Through music, qigong, body percussion, mudras, cacao seed ritual and yoga, Amayama shares a sense of well-being, physically and mentally with the participants. The sole purpose is to get bodily awareness performing basic exercises in a fun and easy manner. 

Kirtan concert and sacred chantings



Kirtan concert and sacred chantings

Workshop: Ecstatic Dance

DJ Hazelgurner


Free and conscious dance. It is danced I take off and the only condition is To be
silently to connect with the body and to feel


Paradigmantra & Quetzalbwattio


DJ SET & Live Ancestral Instruments

(Didgeridoo, native flutes, mouth harp, Tibetan bowls & quartz, harmonic songs ...)

Workshop of dance and African percussion



Workshop of dance and African percussion for all the public ones, in that we will
teach paces of the west of Africa and earthly and spiritual dance


Monet Lakhmeet Singh


It’s a conference with some meditations and mantras focused on understanding and
releasing many of the patterns and beliefs that block and limit your own purposes,
missions and dreams in this life




Special Class

Conference: Food that kill and medicines that don’t cure. Pain and avoidable deaths

Josep Pamies


To raise awareness within society into adopting a healthy, balanced and ecological diet as a first measure to prevent diseases, as well as to raise interest in low cost natural therapies found in popular and ancestral wisdom.

Workshop of emotional integration

Atma Project


Learn to be in charge with your emotions trought an easy technique of healing to find peace in your daily life.

Awakening through the Laughter

Ananda Das



We laugh because we are Conscious Beings.

Mind creates the Personality and the Consciousness LAUGHS,
When this Virtual Personality and the Consciousness merges into each other as ONE, This is called " The Orgasm of Laughter ".

Workshop: Ancestral Dances

Dandara Flores Magón


With Afro Dances and awareness exercises, the Ancestral Dances open up a portal to feel
re-united with nature, with ourselves and with humanity.

Chi Kung



El Chi Kung  es una terapia medicinal de origen chino basada en el control de la respiración. Ayuda a eliminar las tensiones y el estrés, siendo un auténtico caudal de paz que aporta salud y vitalidad.

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