Own Spirit Festival believes that integration with nature is essential to fulfill the cathartic and conscious experience that the festival propose.

We are totally committed to respecting the environment in all phases of the festival's development. We are also very grateful to be able to enjoy this amazing location. We are aware of the impact of the event on the environment, so we want to keep it pollution free, so we can enjoy the experience for many years.

Our environmental policy is so that no trace can be made, so we ask for your commitment, to all participants, to generate the least possible waste.

For this to be accomplished, we have established an EcoFianza (link).


Nature is not a place for garbage and should not be used as a bathroom. This year Own Spirit Festival will have its EcoToilets.

More information soon...


To be consistent with our vision and our dream of creating a festival that is totally ecological and respectful of the environment, there will be some points enabled to recycle the garbage. It is important to take care of the environment, in particular this magnificent place that welcomes us.


Own Spirit takes place in an environment of great, natural and energetic beauty, an environment that deserves all our care and respect.

The EcoFianza is a €5 deposit that all festival attendees make at the entrance. You will be given a waste kit: a garbage bag and an ashtray.

When your experience is over and you decide to leave the festival, at the exit you will leave your garbage bag with your waste and get your €5 of the EcoFianza back.

We thank you in advance for your contribution to keep the environment clean.

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