Uroboros Records - BRA

Zartrox is Tiago B. Jammal a certified sound designer and audio engineering.This brazilian producer showed up with Zartrox in the middle of 2005 under a massive influence of the underground progressive scene in south Brazil at that time. Zartrox is pure night time psygressive music. Which can be describe as intense, confusing, fat, grooving, weird, twisted, introspective, psychedelic and above all dancing. Zartrox has incorporated one singular identity that is well know for those who appreciate and follow his work. Since his first release in 2007 he has regularly been realising tracks on labels arround the globe such as Mechanical Dragon, Mind Tweakers and Glitchy Tonic, to name few. In 2010 another duty came up, jammal and his mate Bruno(Onionbrain) started to run UROBOROS RECORDS the first label in the American continent focused in night Time progressive trance, with quite good feedbacks so far. Zartrox nowadays is among the big names in the dark progressive scene, he is reference and inspiration for new comers talents arround the world.


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