Brujo's Bowl | Beatroots



Triple Drop Production - GBR

 Beatroots’ is the project of deep minimal and intelligent beats by Saxon Higgs. Saxon's new direction ventures to the depths. In comparison to his alternative alias, 'Brujo's Bowl'. Beatroots' focus is on the lower levels of the frequency chart. Broadening the subs and putting the essence of space to good use. By experimenting with reverberation as a discipline, Saxon hopes to gain a more solid understanding of how perceptions of sound can be altered with the most basic of effects and subtleties. And by using them in his new approach to the genres and sub genres. He can form his own unique characteristics in Bass music and the minimal styles of dub and drum and bass. Saxon's work is a clear representation of how his ethos in life, his relationship to the earth. And the simplicity in just existing, living and breathing; are all parallel with the way he explores in synthesis and sound design. The grooves and the intelligent, yet quirky sound which Saxon has embarked upon shall strike a chord in the tastes of many listeners


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