OwnTrip is Oriol Giralt Own Blanch. Born in Vilafranca in 1984, Barcelona, Spain.

Influenced by electronic music (Techno & Psytrance) over 16 years, respected dj in the national scene with more than 10 years playing in the best parties in clubs and at raves (Sindar, Virus Project, Own Spirit, Dropland, LokaMunia, Euphoria and many more).

Now he wants to establish itself in the world and progressive psytrance scene with his first solo EP's and some EP's collaborations with Lupin (Ovnimoon Records, digitalnature, BMSSRecords). After four years of study and preparation is ready to take the leap and make their 1st album in 2016!!!


Now part of the collective and record label Own Spirit Crew and Own Spirit Records


  • English
  • Español