Own Spirit Records - ESP

Born 24th of August in 1985 in Lleida, Spain. Miguel always has been amazed from electronic music. When he was 13 he began to entry at techno sounds, following the preferences of his older brother. Two years later his brother acquires a mixing equip, and Loopin takes the taste rapidly to the art of music mixing.

At 19 years old, Loopin decides to open Zoreks Records, the new records shop in Lleida, his city. This encourages him to submerge definitively in the world of electronic music, forcing him to know the market, the scene, the contact and many important factors to progress in his career. As he looks after Zoreks Record, he embarks in another project. At same time, is then is when he has the chance to get his first contact with psytrance world, discovering it’s magic, very amazed, and slowlly getting involved into it so much that after allmost 10 years with succes in the techno scene, a new project arrives.

So at 22 years old, his progressive psytrance project borns as Lupin. Starts studing music theory, playing piano, and getting a lot of new experiences producing new music in the studio. Three years later Psyshop's main label, Parabola Music, gets interested in his music, and makes possible Lupin's 1st release, with his debut album " Siempre Secuaces ". Then his discography starts to grow up with releases in labels like Fatali Music, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Spiral Trax, Ovnimoon Records, Synergetic, Plusquam Recs, Zero Gravity Records, Dropland Records and his live act is asked in countries like Mexico, Chile, Greece, Croatia, Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia or Spain. 

After this come more strong releases, Siempre Secuaces Remixed for Synergetic Records, his compilation Progressiveland for Synergetic aswell, and also his long awaited remixes album Espacio de Mezclas, all tracks from other artists like Zyce & Flegma, Inner State, Suntree, Ovnimoon and more, reworked with Lupin imprint. Actually established as artist in Ovnimoon Records and Yellow Sunshine Explosion finds himself in a very active productive flow. Lupin is open for bookings worldwide just get in touch for a blasting live act, a dj set, or all together!

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