Lila, Marina y Alexandra




A cycle of three sessions that accompanies you on a magical, intimate and
unforgettable journey towards yourself…
The journey begins with an Active Meditation of Oisho current, focusing the energy
towards one through observation and listening, the voice, movement and meditation.
Giving us the opportunity to become aware of where we are to heal or transform our
own relationship and from there, the relationship of the other aspects of our life with
the outside.
The journey continues with a Rebirthing session, through a constellation we will
return to the moment of our conception, reconnecting with the moment in which we
were in our mother's Uterus and with the memories of our pregnancy and birth;
observing the relationship of Mother&Father from our origin. Giving space to
transform our memories and older patterns and our relationship with the others from
the Root.
The journey ends with a Tantra practice with Shiva Shakti, connecting with our being
in a conscious, intimate and profound way, recognizing the relationship with our

sexuality and encountering the other from listening and respect. Recognizing our
impulses and limits, through a subtle communication with the look, touch, movement
and voice; establishing a conscious bond of trust and respect. Relating from our
entire space in a protected and sacred place of presence, recognition, listening,
respect, conscience, harmony and love.

Presence, release, relax, breathe, move, shake, dance, sing, be, giving us
permission and space for everything that begins to move in us.
The same tool as family constellations.
 The own listening and that of the companions, improvising according to what the
group needs.
If someone feels like doing a constellation and time and group allows it, a space will
be opened to do it. Otherwise we can also make it individual at another time.

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