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David, born in 1994, ex Fire-Fighter, discovered raves parties in 2012, after many events, he got introduced to trance fraternity where he met Anokha, whom accepted to welcome him and to train him having 22 years of experience behind his tie.

Anahata participated to his first events in 2015, where he animated the Parisian dancefloor and where he evolved rapidly. He played in events in Europa alongside Metrix, Technical Hitch, Parasect, Ephedra, Z3nkai, Oniryx, Anokha, Psykelo, Kinetik Flux, Psykoze etc...

Ex Metalhead, he is opened to various energies and continues his path. In 2016 he start to work on Ableton Live, for produce tracks and make some lives. Recently he joined the Quantum Digits, Voodoo Hoodoo, Popol Vuh Records, Kunayala Productions & Shakra Experience.

In 2017, Otkun give it to him the opportunity to take part of the managing team of Quantum Digits Recordings (Montréal, Canada), what he accepted.

Anahata is here on Earth to share the Love Unity & Peace vibe in an unconditional way in order to make you vibrate on the same wave.

Passionate and open minded, he is a guardian, protector and worker of light, which he will share with you in his future performances.

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