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Teoxicalli Jicara Sagrada

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Vibrating in the Heart (Cocoa Ceremony)


Saturday 14 at 19:00
Sunday 15 at 19:00
The price of this activity is 15 €

Cocoa Teoxicalli

Cocoa is a beautiful medicine of the mother earth. food of the gods, food that was stolen by quetzalcoatl and given to humanity... like a breath of the gods; the tradition story says that it was the breath stolen and given to humanity.

Medicine that connects with the heart system is a stimulant of the central nervous system, producer of endorphins, reconforts and revitalizes the body.

On a more spiritual level, it is the medicine of the loving word since it goes straight to the heart releasing the stated words, naming the emotions that have been able to generate blocks. it is an accelerator of the blood flow and therefore allows us to see with more clarity, with total opening and listening. it connects us with the earth, as our ancestors said. 

The cacao ceremony is carried out in a sacred circle, a circle of love, respect and listening. accompanied by native medicinal songs, chamanic drums, vibration of tibetan basins, gong, bells, a sound journey, the dance is present, we reconnect with our own voice, voice that sings, that expresses, the breath of life.

Every drink is a prayer, every drink one intention; droplets of that bitter but loving drink called cocoa.

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