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Núria Peguera

Activities and workshops

Womb dance essential alchemy (Workshop for women)


Monday 16 at 18:00

I invite you to enjoy this journey of reconnection with yourself, to get back the awareness of your centre of power, creativity and infinite pleasure: Your Uterus. From the Dance as a common thread, tantric exercises, Menstrual Therapy, aromatherapy, rituals, etc. we will activate the often forgotten channel between our uterus and heart, thus allowing that they beat again together, as one, awakening and / or reaffirming our body and our most pure essence, our wild woman, integrating with our sacred masculine.

A tension-free, recognized and loved uterus helps us enjoy menstruation without pain, feeling more secure and empowered, it gives us back confidence in our creative potential, to heal memories, enjoy a full sexuality, recognize and integrate light and shadow.

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