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We will create a space of unity a bit different, breaking the ideas of spirituality as something only internal and letting your spirit be expressed
through the cathartic dance, feeling the pulse of the world under our feet.
Women and men united by the sweat, the joy, the caresses and the imposing shine of the trance music that awakens in us the magic of the night.

When the veils fall, between reality and fantasy, we will feel the goblins, witches and fairies emerge from the depths of the forest, descending from
the mountains, looking for us to possess our bodies.
You just have to believe... in fairy tales? Do not.
You just have to believe that you will keep going till the end, an hour and a half, where the music will enter your emotions without any filter, the
sweat will undo your mind and the natural drugs of your body will be dumped into your blood, so you can perceive your environment in a different

There are only three conditions: desire to live, desire to dance, and do not stop smiling.

I am Rous, I have taught dance classes for 15 years and with Women from all over the world using the body as the main vehicle to express the most
hidden emotions, live in the joy of the present moment, and feel again the power to change your reality.
I have been educated in the martial arts discipline since I was 7 years old.
Belly dance, Polynesian dances and Indian dances teacher.

Diplomas: therapy, massage, marmas points, and Ayurveda nutrition by the International School of Ayurveda Culture in Barcelona and India.
Baptized in Mexico as "Tambor Sagrado” (Sacred Drum) receiving permission to guide Temazcales, ceremonies that are inseparable from my dance
workshops with women.

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