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Ek Ong Kaar - We are one


Kundalini Yoga Workshop as it was taught by Yogui Bhajan centered in open your heart and heal the walls that separate us of the Spirit’s bless. Mantras, asanas, pranayama, jappa, meditation… ¡Pure Yoga!
You will begin the workshop chanting the start mantras for opening the space to the experience, invoke the masters and give the reins to the soul. After that, you will hear a short speech for understand the depth of the practice and then you will begin with the Kriya: a series of bioenergetic exercises that will allow you to feel the devotion to that perfect enginery where you live, reconnect with your body and its wise advices and balance and awake to the consciousness those energies in need to.
For adjusting and harmonize the experience, you will enjoy a gong relaxation.
Once this work has done, we will unite in a deep meditation for cleaning the subconscious and find the empty on the mind in where, maybe, contact with the Infinity.
For closing the space, we will use a positive affirmation called The eternal sunshine and the mantra Sat nam.

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