Oh Félix / Felisa Memuero

Activities and workshops

Clown and Cabaret


The clown brings us closer to our most authentic self, the most primary, sincere and spontaneous one.
Its practice helps to bring down our masks, to connect with our own selves and with the others, to lose
the fear of looking ridiculous and to laugh at ourselves. It develops the ludic ability of imagination and
improvisation, the consciousness of oneself and the relationship with others.

Discovering the clown we have inside is a way of getting naked, of transmitting and sharing our
emotions, being an empathetic mirror of the receiver, communicating from complicity, illuminating from
our light. It is a way of living, intense and passionate, the here and now, the present, the infinite world of
small things. Success is recreated and failure is accepted as a successful attempt, as a learning tool.
Test keys, open doors.


Trained on theatre and as a clown with Hernán Gené, and then with teachers such as Philip Gaulier,
Johnny Mellville, Jango Edwards, Eric de Bont y Antón Valen, among others.
He has performed with different theatre companies. With the last one, Las Neighbours, for two years he
carried out a monthly cabaret with invited artists.
He set ups and performs show for audiences of all ages.
He’s currently presenting “Felisa Memuero y el viento nos llevará”, an individual show.
Her alter ego, Felisa Memuero, is also a presenter and head of ceremonies at various events.
As a theater and clown trainer, he has given workshops in Spain and Latin America.
He currently teaches regular clown courses at the Laboratory Theater School and at La Efervescente, in
He also works as an animator and instructor of free time monitors.

Felisa is entirely an artist: art critic, singer, poet, actress, cabaret, acrobat, juggler, magician, stripper ...
and above all ... contemporary!
She is an endearing and irreverent character, naive and suspicious, absurd and intelligent. She shows us
its imaginary, reflections, resources ... as a survivor of this planet. She never stops surprising. Because
appearances always deceive.

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