Close your eyes. Open your heart.

What do you hear?

Do you feel the beats?

The drums are calling again!









It is our dream that makes us dance and shows us the way.

After its first steps, three years of light and change, Own Spirit has found a paradise in order to offer a new home to the tribe.

The magic memory of so many beautiful smiles dancing and celebrating life is what motivates us to take on this big challenge once again. A challenge that means full dedication to the trust that brings us together, in order to continue and make our collective dream come true.


A virgin land awaits us. A place where year after year we can build our parallel reality and flood every corner with imagination, creation and passion so that we can live the change we’d like to see in the world and broaden it.

We decided to celebrate our gathering during the summer solstice for being, as the ancient Greeks defined, a gateway to another purifying and healing dimension.

Protected by mother nature we are prepared to protect her back: this is one of our missions! In this and in our dream, you are all invited to participate actively to live together our paradise on earth.

We enter together a sacred, intimate state of prayer. We become prayer, pure and essential. We learn, we unlearn, we live and exist.


Welcome to the new era Own Spirit. Welcome to the present.

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